Is White Chocolate really a chocolate?

Is White chocolate really a chocolate?

Every time someone spells chocolate, picture of a dark brown bar quickly takes shape in our minds. Dark brown color in chocolates is very common, but not all chocolates are brown. One of them is the white chocolate. It differs in color, in smell and even in taste from brown chocolates. This raises a genuine question, is a white chocolate actually a chocolate?

Is White chocolate really a chocolate?
White Chocolate

Chocolate is the most popular confectionery in the world. You will find dark brown chocolate in most products. This color is recognized as chocolate color.

But the absence of chocolate color can not be the parameter to judge a white chocolate. This is because there are many chocolates which do not have the brown color. In fact, the original chocolate is reddish in color rather than being dark brown.

We need to look at the preparation of a chocolate to answer our question. A chocolate has 3 main ingredients: chocolate liquor, cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Vegetable oils and sugar are also added to the mixture to make a chocolate.

Most industry experts believe that a chocolate can be called one when it has cocoa solids. These solids are also responsible for the brown color and flavor of a chocolate.

This is not the case with a white chocolate. It does not contain cocoa solids. It usually has cocoa butter, sugar and milk. Thus, two important ingredients are missing. For this reason, it is white in color. Also it has a different taste and smell. Artificial sweeteners or other fats may be used to add taste to white chocolate. It has only one cacao ingredient, that too in a small quantity.

In conclusion, white chocolate is technically not a chocolate.

In some cases, manufacturers replace cocoa butter with vegetable oils or fats to produce white chocolates. Such chocolates may not have cocoa butter at all.  This is done to reduce input costs and maximize profits. Various governments have set up standards to prevent this. In American standard, minimum 20% cocoa butter is mandatory in white chocolates. Whereas European standard requires this to be 25%.

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