Striking uses of salt you would’ve never imagined!

striking uses of salt

Common salt, or the sodium chloride as scientists put it, is the prime component of almost each one of our dishes. While everyone is familiar with the wonder it does to our taste buds, uses of salt are way broad than merely seasoning the dish on the table.

Have a look at the striking uses of salt you might have never heard of ever before!

1. Stronger teeth

Salt does more than just satisfying the tongue. If getting your teeth and gums strong is your concern, try mixing salt with your regular toothpaste or mustard oil and massage your gums. You surely have heard of toothpastes containing salt, haven’t you?

2. Keeps milk fresh

Adding a pinch of salt to milk can keep it fresh without being spoilt for quite more than you can think of!

3. Veggie cleaner

With its anti-microbial properties, salt is the effective means to keep your vegetables in shape. Try brushing them with some salt water and feel the action.

4. Cleaning magician

Salt is actually worth it when it comes to cleaning. Whether it’s metal, wood, artificial flowers or your skin, salt takes care of it all.

Shake well a small bag of salt with artificial flowers or leaves to get them clean. Mix salt with warm water and let it get you rid of stains from metal, wood or any other surface. Rub the surface with dry cloth gently and you’ll soon see the stains fading away.

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5. Removing foul smell

Whether it’s your old socks causing the smell or something else, salt is the way to fix it out. Place a packet of salt in shoes, racks or almirah to remove that stale smell.

6. Killing weeds

For everyone in gardening, weeds are a major headache. Sprinkle salt around the weeds and pull them out to be rest assured that they won’t trouble you again.

7. Keep ants away

If you aren’t too excited about ants visiting your kitchen, sprinkle some salt around drains, pipes or other areas to get rid of them for a long run.

As you’ve seen, salt comes quite handy in many situations than merely cooking. Little wonder is that these direct hacks are always available in your kitchen! It’s time to put salt to use.

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