Milk capsules are a reality! Coming to the market soon

milk capsules
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Many people don’t like drinking milk while others cannot digest it. Few others face trouble of spilling milk while getting a cuppa of tea or coffee ready. If you too find handling milk as a challenge, it’s time to be happy and relieved. Because milk capsules are no more a theory, they are for real! Yes, researchers from Martin Luther University are sending out the good news.

Professor Ulrich, one of the researcher explains these milk capsules as a new way to serve portions of milk in solid shells. You can directly drop the capsule in your tea and have a sip as soon as it is ready. Nothing else to worry, as simple as that.

milk capsules
Image Source: Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

What actually is a milk capsule?

The capsule is much like any other capsule you know about. It comes in all sizes and shapes.

The capsule is prepared from a hot solution of milk and sugar in a mould. As the mixture cools, sugar forms a solid coating encasing the milk within its coating.

This crystalline crust covering around the milk easily dissolves when you add it to a hot drink and then it’s all milk (with some sugar, of course).

Researchers are further trying to get find an alternative to the sugar coating and make it sugar-free!

What’s different in milk capsules?

Usually, milk is stored in small plastic containers for most uses which is an inefficient as well as frustrating to use. To do away with plastic packaging, researches developed solid shells we call milk capsules. They are edible, stable and completely dissolve in hot liquids, thus creating no waste of any kind.

The capsules stay fit to use for as long as 3 weeks of packaging and they are safe to keep at room temperature.

With this new concept in place, not only handling milk is easier than ever before but it also reduces plastic wastes of all milk packaging. The researchers are hoping that these capsules can replace much of the coffee creamer packaging commonly used in conferences and planes.

Let’s see if this innovation finds commercial success.

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