Love for noodles: Eating goals simplified

Veg noodles to celebrate your love for noodles

Ask a friend to name any dish from the Chinese cuisine. Let me make a guess, his answer is noodles. Okay, may be a type of noodles, say chowmein. This shouldn’t be surprising you. In fact, 90% of Indians associate Chinese food directly to noodles. This love for noodles speaks directly for itself.

Do you know Noodles were the first fast food in India to gain such heights of popularity? Maggi noodles which continue to rule the Indian market for decades explains this fact. Street style chowmein has also been everyone’s favorite for years now.

So what made noodles so popular? Possibly, being a fast food did. Preparing noodles takes lesser time than many Indian dishes. Everyone likes saving time and money, same happened in this case. But, getting this popularity was not easy. Since the dish was Chinese, it was affordable but not tempting at first to Indian taste buds and required a makeover.

Some clever folks found the way, Indian spices were the instant remedy for this makeover. The unique appeal and spices of Indian dishes are famous across the world. These famous spices did the magic here and redefined the noodles we eat today.

If you go on comparing and try noodles in China, you will find all essential spices missing. It’s the same way around, folks from China may not like our version of noodles. We consider noodles to be a Chinese dish, however it has also gone through American twists. All forms of noodles we have in India today are adapted to local cuisine leaving them Chinese only for the name.

Noodles are easily customizable in the way they are cooked and thus many variations exist. For everyone curious to know, basically noodles can be prepared in two ways – either fried(called chow mein in Chinese) or tossed (called lo mein). Mein is actually a Chinese word meaning noodles. Chow mein noodles are crisp while Lo mein noodles are soft. ┬áBoth of these noodles can be garnished with several vegetables and sauces.

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Exploring the varieties is an awesome way to celebrate the love for noodles in itself. You must have tried a few of these options. Go on exploring the others and also share your experiences. Here comes the small list of popular noodles for your eating goals.

    1. Instant Noodles

      Instant noodles are so popular that the brand name Maggi became synonymous to noodles. These are often advertised as 2 minute noodles, much like a Do It Yourself kit which have their noodles and masala ready to be cooked within minutes. Most kids start their cooking lessons with these instant noodles.

    2. Veg Noodles

      Veg noodles is essentially the same as street style chowmein. This is a traditional vegetarian take to modern noodles. Mix of veggies like capsicum, onion, cabbage, carrots, beans gives crisp to the noodles. Olive oil and vinegar is also used to add a pinch of taste.

      Veg noodles to celebrate your love for noodles
      Veg noodles – Food Flash
    3. Singapuri Noodles

      Originally, Singapore noodles have an unnatural yellow color. This is garnished with root ginger, garlic and coriander leaves. However, Singapuri chowmein has been customized much like the original chow mein and you will find reddish colored soft and thin noodles with extensive veggies and even slices of paneer.

      Singapuri noodles
      Singapuri noodles – by Karnika Arora
    4. Hakka Noodles

      Hakka noodles can have the same ingredients as chowmein but differ in the way they are prepared. While chowmein is stir-fried, hakka noodles are tossed and fried. They mainly have an Indo-Chinese flavor perfect for your love for noodles.

      Hakka Veg Noodles - Love for noodles
      Hakka Veg Noodles
    5. Chopsuey

      Chopsuey is an American-Chinese dish with a stir fried hash of vegetables and sauces into a gravy. It is adaptable to wide range of seasonings and has a quite distinct taste & crisp.

      American Chopsuey

    Noodles offer unlimited possibilities with varieties of ingredients and methods of preparation. Try them yourself and explore the tastes. Also help us improve this article better with your suggestions.

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