What is Quinoa: Everything you need to know about the superfood

Quinoa seeds - What is Quinoa: Everything you need to know about the superfood

What is Quinoa? What is it good for? Why is it so popular? This is a question people often ask. Here, I’m sharing all surprising and interesting things you need to know about Quinoa. Believe me, if you had known them before you would fall in love with Quinoa.

Know about Quinoa – Why is it a super food?

1. It is pronounced keen – wah.

Don’t worry if you did it wrong. We have all done the same. Its essence is actually way more than the pronunciation.

2. What is quinoa? : A grain like seed

Do you know quinoa is not a cereal like wheat, rice or oats? Though it looks and tastes much like a cereal, it is actually a seed. Also called a pseudo-cereal, quinoa comes from a plant originated from Peru and Bolivia regions of South America.

Quinoa seeds - What is Quinoa: Everything you need to know about the superfood
Quinoa seeds

3. What is Quinoa? : A super food or the mother grain

Abundance of proteins, vitamins and minerals gives it this outstanding title. It has four times more protein than milk, 16 times higher calcium that maize, seven times more magnesium than banana, iron two times higher than spinach, four times higher folic acid than almonds, and four times higher dietary fibre than brown rice.

With all these qualities, quinoa shines as the star of natural foods available.

4. Quinoa is not an Indian crop

This is the reason why you won’t find any equivalent name in Hindi or any Indian language for the super food. While it is a popular crop in South America, Indian government has made attempts to enhance its cultivation which is presently done on a low scale.

5. Quinoa is naturally gluten free

Being gluten free is the reason Quinoa is so popular. It is an excellent replacement for the common grains and still gives two times more fibre than than grains.

6. It is a complete source of protein rich diet

With all nine essential amino acids making it a complete-protein source, Quinoa is an excellent choice for vegans.

7. It has a high nutritional value

Quinoa is also a very good source of potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese. It also possesses good levels of several B vitamins, vitamin E and dietary fiber with low glycemic index.

100 gms of uncooked serving of Quinoa provides: Calories : 368 Kcal; Protein : 14g; Fat : 6g; Carbohydrate : 64g; Fibre: 7g which is more than most of other healthy foods.

8. Quinoa is healthy and effective against diseases

Quinoa is beneficial for patients suffering from heart diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases and other chronic disorders. Daily consumption of 35 grams of quinoa can help in controlling diabetes and reduces risk of cancer by 15%. Even in patients with chronic diseases, it decreases the risk of death greatly.

How to relish Quinoa?

It is quick and easy to make. Its popularity is continuously on the rise, thanks to gluten free and nutrient rich content of the food.

The simplest way is to add 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups of water and boil the mixture. Cover and simmer once it starts boiling until quinoa has absorbed all of the water and becomes fluffy. It takes 15 minutes to get your quota of the super food.

Here are the simple ways to harness the power of super food quinoa:

  • Mix quinoa with yogurt, fruits, seeds and nuts for a healthy meal.
  • Use quinoa in boiled or sprouted form in salads and sandwiches.
  • Add quinoa to soups and beans to make them nutrient rich.
  • Quinoa flour can be used as a substitute for wheat flour to increase protein content in your diet and make it gluten free.

So, quinoa is a nutrient rich and extremely healthy food. No doubts, it is also one of the favorites of nutritionists. Many people have even suggested that quinoa can end the problems of malnutrition and hunger around the world. Since even a small quantity of the super food is rich in nutrients to satisfy human needs and it is easy to produce even in barren lands, it can also be the future food.

You can also starting adding quinoa to your diet and make use of its number of healthy benefits. Also let others know what is quinoa and help them appreciate its numerous advantages.

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