These healthy alternatives to potato chips will fix your evening snacks

Healthy alternatives to potato chips - Representational Image

Potato chips are a wonderful snack. Not only are they appetizing but also crispy enough to make you have a quick bite. However, these quick snacks are not very healthy. How would it feel like if you had healthy alternatives to potato chips without compromising the crunch and fun?

Healthy alternatives to potato chips - Representational Image


What’s wrong with potato chips?

As you might guess, store-packed potato chips contain a lot of additives you would never want to add to your diet if given a choice. Besides, they are hyper-palatable. In simple words, they are insanely rich in fat, salt and sugar. Just to make it work right for your taste buds, these snacks are highly processed to create a sensation of pleasure.

To worsen it even more, most potato chips contain high levels of sodium (from salt) which can lead to issues such as high blood pressure.

Healthy alternatives to potato chips

Why should you be taking a risk when some healthy alternatives to potato chips are themselves crunchy chips to fix things for you. Binge on these fruit chips to go for a healthy snacking:

1. Apple chips

Raw apples are always good to eat and baked apple chips are healthy too. With a crispy taste and sweet flavor, apple chips need no added sugars. Apple chips can be an excellent substitute for potato chips as they are not only healthier but also have a lot of antioxidants.

They are really easy to make yourself. Find the recipe here.

2. Banana Chips

It is a staple snack popular in South India. This nutritious addition to your diet will make you forget potato chips. They are extremely delicious. They are easily available in the market so make sure to check out for additives else it might give you nothing better than the potato chips.

If you wish to prepare them yourself, check out the recipe.

3. Sweet Potato chips

These sweet delights give you the satisfaction without taking away a pinch of crisp and taste. Remember, sweet potatoes are healthier than potatoes. Try them for once and you’ll love these healthy alternatives to potato chips.

Know how to prepare sweet potato chips yourself.

4. Dehydrated peach chips

Have you tried them? If no, you are missing out on an excellent snack. It is a rich treasure of minerals without any unsaturated fat or cholesterol, something to munch on without worries.

Check out the recipe for peach chips.

5. Tomato chips

Tomato is not just a salad, it can be your snack at times. Relish the nutrients accompanied with taste in a tomato chip for mid day or late night cravings.

Find the recipe for tomato chips here.

6. Pear chips

Sweet and delicious, pear chips are a good source of dietary fiber. The rich flavor will do good for your health in addition to taking away unhealthy servings from your diet.

Making pear chips is easy. Know here how.

7. Pineapple chips

If there is something which offers the perfect blend of sour and sweet flavors, they are the pineapple chips. Not only good in their nutritional content, they are great source of essential vitamins along offering you a lip smacking taste.

Check out the recipe for pineapple chips.

Which other fruits make way to your bucket list of healthier alternatives to potato chips?

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