Food to keep yourself cool this summer

Lassi - Illustration of the food to keep yourself cool

We’ve stepped into the month of June, the sun shines bright here and there’s no mercy in the noon. Heat waves have already gripped the cities and everyday life has come to a standstill. Looking forward to weather reports offers no help either as temperature breaks new records every other day. Before you say ‘ouch’ as the weather gets rough or you meet a sun stroke, prepare yourself to beat the heat and start planning your diet with food to keep yourself cool this summer.

Running low on energy and freshness but you’re eating right? Drinking ample water and staying indoors is not all one many do for relief, adding some ‘cool’ things to your diet will surely help.

Here we list down some of the delicacies which will not only soothe your thirsty tastebuds but also help you deal with scorching heat. Prepare them at home or pick them up from a nearby store, either way is equally helpful to calm the ‘summer burns’.



Lassi is one of the most celebrated summer drinks in India. Made from yogurt(curd), the drink originated from Punjab and works as an energy drink to fill a hungry stomach. It is thick, dense and flavored by spices and fruits for a sweeter taste. The drink not only gives instant relief from the heat, but also has many health benefits.



Also known as buttermilk, this drink is a cousin of lassi and the people often confuse one for the other. This is also a by-product of milk prepared by churning out butter from the cream. It is sour in taste and is usually accompanied with or taken after meals. The drink helps maintaining blood pressure in control and helps in a smooth digestion.

Chachh - Food to keep yourself cool



Shrikhand is another variation of the desserts prepared by yogurt. It serves as a popular side dish in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Cardamom, saffron and fruit based flavors are quite common in Shrikhand. This dessert is thick and sweet with an absolute relief from the heat. This is why it falls under the must have food to keep yourself cool.


Coconut water

Coconut water is an inexpensive beverage with many health benefits for the summers. The naturally available beverage is lighter and rich in minerals to keep your body hydrated. Coconut water is also effective against cancer and has anti ageing properties.

Coconut water - Food to keep yourself cool
Coconut water


Lime water

The simple lime water or nimboo paani works way better than aerated drinks. Sweet, salted and a pinch of black salt adds the taste without taking away its numerous health benefits. A chilled glass of lime water can act as a source of energy as well as refreshing savior in the heat.

Lime water - Food to keep yourself cool
Lime Water



Mint is another natural armor against the heat. Taken along with few drops of lemon, mint water does wonders. It is also a great appetizer, a liver cleanser and further increases memory retention and alertness.



A watermelon consists of more than 90% of water. Their refreshing taste helps to combat the heat and takes care of hydration in addition to reducing the risk of obesity and skin related problems. The delicious fruit has several benefits with its antioxidant properties. It therefore acts as a food to keep yourself cool.

Watermelon - Food to keep yourself cool


Aam Panna

Made from green mangoes, aam panna is a traditional Indian drink most known for its heat resistant properties . The beverage quenches thirst and also acts as a tonic against diseases such as tuberculosis and anemia. The drink is also an effective way to fight the intense heat with taste of mangoes!

Aam Panna - Food to keep yourself cool
Aam Panna


Ice creams

They are everyone’s favorite. Temptation for those ice candies and the popular sundaes are hard to resist in summer. Add some fruits or use homemade sorbets to  make them less sinful, a momentary win over the heat is assured.

Ice cream - Food to keep yourself cool
Ice cream scoops


So get ready to beat the heat this summer without missing the flavors. Feel free to add your favorite shakes, fruits and desserts to customize the list. Also share it with your family and friends to spread the goodness of the food to keep yourself cool this summer.

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