5 Food Hacks to stay slim this festive season

Rasgulla - Food Hacks for festive season

The festival mode is already ON! From Durga Puja pandals to the enchanting Ram leelas, wherever you’re faring, there is deliciousness everywhere to gorge on. With Diwali approaching with all its festivities and sweets, you will need to play safe with some food hacks in place.

The season is about sharing love – and it means a lot. Being overwhelmed with chocolates, dry fruits, traditional sweets and snacks as gifts is normal in the festival season, isn’t it?

Unless you want to add a lot of calories and feel the burns later, it is better to rule out extra indulgence in advance without losing on the joy of festivals. You’ll need to be well equipped with the tools to make the most of these celebrations without adding those poor calories.

Rasgulla - Food Hacks for festive season

Here are 5 food hacks to get you ready for the festive season.

1. Don’t go nuts to eat those nuts

Little bites of nuts and other dry fruits are appetizing but also carry calories with them. While eating them fresh won’t hurt much within a limit, make sure to skip over the oil-roasted cashews.

Even the normal ones should be eaten in a limit. Did you know that excess dry fruits can be bad for you?

It’s with a little effort that these little bites would give you joy, and not add much numbers to your calorie count.

2. Get only small portions of sweets

Are you stuck with your sweet tooth? Nothing abnormal, most of us are.

The traditional mithais are just too hard to miss. The rasgulla is in the starters with gulab jamnu, kaju katli and many more to follow. Then there is the supporting relative who brings a plate full of festivities for you to hop on.

Keep a count on how many you eat and try to limit down the numbers. Resisting the temptation is difficult, of course! Don’t eat all of them at once, space them out over few hours.

3. Chocolates? Avoid them

While you’re already overloaded with sweets in the festive season, it’s better to keep your chocolates safe in the fridge.

Avoiding chocolates will help you slash a huge chunk of calories at once. Just keep them on your store, they will be fit and fine to eat even after a few days unlike sweets.

So you can get back to them later as you wish, but eating some right now could be an offense to the numbers. For the festivities, it’s always good to cheer up yourself with the traditional dishes and sweets, in a limit of course!

4. Skip over those fizzy drinks

Apart from the calorie-rich sweets and chocolates, soft drinks have become one of the essentials for every celebration.

But as you would know, they’re unhealthy and can actually create troubles with your festival diets.

So avoid consuming those aerated drinks and stick to water and fruit juices. Go for the fresh juices, as packed ones won’t do much good too.

5. Caution: Don’t eat in front of a TV

No, TV isn’t going to add anything to your calorie count.

It is an established fact that when binge eating in front of TV, you won’t realize that you have been over eating – much more than the usual.

The simple food hack can help you save yourself from some unhealthy eating. After all, festivities are to celebrate with family, you can safely distance yourself from the TV for some festival special lunching!

That’s all about food hacks we’ve got to share with you. Do you have your own food hacks for the festival season?

Happy Festivities!

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