Eating excess dry fruits: Is it good or bad?

is eating excess dry fruits good?

A dry fruit is fruit which has all its water content removed. This also makes it a nutritional powerhouse. From nutritionists to home remedies, everyone recommends them alike for a healthy diet. But a question which usually goes unanswered is – how many to eat? Should you be eating excess dry fruits? If not, how much is the upper limit? Let’s find out.

is eating excess dry fruits good?

Experts recommend eating dry fruits since they are full of proteins, good fat, magnesium, iron, vitamin B and fiber. The most common of dry fruits are almonds, cashews, raisins, dates and walnuts.

Is eating excess dry fruits good?

They are a good to eat healthy snack but not everyone supports eating them in excess.

According to a common belief, overeating dry fruits can result in excessive body heat. Many people believe overeating can be a risky affair for those with a sensitive skin. It is believed that nuts are rich in proteins which activates the oil glands, especially on the face. This leads to more secretion of oil, more clogged pores on the face, hence more pimples.

Many dry fruits are blamed for rise in pimples and rashes along increase in body heat.

Are dry fruits in excess really bad?

According to Ayurveda, people with a Pitta dosh have a slightly higher body temperature and their hands and feet feel a bit warmer. Excess of dry fruits are not considered good for them.

Since excess of anything can be bad, the same applies to dry fruits. However, nutritionists do not agree much with the myth that dry fruits can heat up your body. It is the food’s temperature which decides if it raises your body heat or drops it.

Dry fruits are full of nutrients. They are dense in micro nutrients and antioxidants. Since they could be heat producing to some extent , it is better to soak them overnight or eat them in moderation. Their benefits clearly outweigh the small drawback.

Thus, as with many other foods, dry fruits have both good and bad aspects. But they are much healthier than many other foods you could be eating daily. Just follow the key of moderation and make most out of essential vitamins and minerals they contain.

Four to five cashews a day and five soaked almonds everyday will do no harm but will have numerous benefits. A small portion of others will be sufficient.

If you are not eating dry fruits yet, start having them now and give yourself a nutrient rich crunchy treat. However, make sure to follow the limit and not go overboard with eating excess dry fruits.

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