Pop up your Dosa love at these top 10 places in Delhi

saravana bhawana - eat best dosas in delhi

Dosa is one of the gems from the South Indian cuisine. A piping hot paper dosa with sambar is enough to make you drool over it. Do you know the best places to get your bite on the crunchy dosa? Here are the 10 places to eat best dosa in Delhi serving the best dosa which will leave you craving for more.

  1. Saravana Bhawan

    saravana bhawana - eat best dosas in delhi
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    Saravana Bhawan serves one of the best dosas in Delhi. Head here to treat yourself with flavor rich varieties of dosa. Their rava masala dosas are the best to try. If you visit here on weekends or holidays, you might have to wait an hour to grab a table.
    Where: Connaught Place

  2. Carnatic Cafe

    From Malleshwaram to bombat dosa, the crisp will make you a fan of dosa like never before. Not just dosas, their triple chutneys are more to love.
    Where: New Friends Colony

  3. Karnataka Food Centre

    Locals call it KFC, this place will always have something new to try. Until you think of something else, their crispy masala and paper dosa will steal the show.
    Where: RK Puram

  4. Naivedyam

    This is the place to be for pure South Indian delicacies and experience. Choosing one among their varieties of rice and rava dosa could be tough.
    Where: Hauz Khas Village (6 more locations)

    naivedyam - eat best dosa in delhi
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  5. Sagar Ratna

    The chain serves delicious meals to bring a smile on everyone’s face. Do try their paneer dosa and butter masala dosa for bonus cravings.
    Where: Connaught Place (29 other locations across Delhi)

  6. Udupi Krishna

    Savoring on yummy South Indian food is incomplete without trying their special dosas. Also try some out of the box recipes like Palak Paneer Masala Dosa here.
    Where: Kamla Nagar

  7. Madhuban – Sattvic South Indian Restaurant

    Stop by this place for a generous share of dosa among other authentic pure veg Andhra recipes. They don’t use onions and garlic in any of their servings, the mysore dosa is a delight to try!
    Where: Cross Point Mall, Gurgaon

    madhuban - eat best dosa in delhi
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  8. Shree Rathnam

    With multiple outlets across Delhi, Shree Rathnam winds up to be an excellent place for its breakfast option and masala dosa.
    Where: Kamla Nagar (31 more locations)

  9. Lakshmi Coffee House

    Don’t go by the name, fill yourself with yummy offering in the Dosa Kingdom section. Beware of the long queues you might have to get into, bear little pain to eat best dosa in Delhi.
    Where: Noida

  10. Flavors of Chennai

    Enjoy a home-like feel to your favorite dosas and treat yourself with the flavors of Chennai from Spring dosa to the dry fruit rava dosa.
    Where: Malviya Nagar

    flavors of chennai - eat best dosa in delhi
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Keep this list handy to make your next South Indian meal fruitful.

Where did you eat best dosa in Delhi? Tell us your favorite place for dosa cravings.

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