sweet potato

Get your key to Nutrition & Health with Sweet Potatoes

They may look uninteresting with a weird shape and soft build, but they carry a lot of nutritional value. Yes, sweet potato benefits can help you eat carefree and still load up yourself with nutrients. Sweet potatoes or shakarkandi¬†are versatile starchy delights which are worth adding to your everyday diet. …

Rasgulla - Food Hacks for festive season

5 Food Hacks to stay slim this festive season

The festival mode is already ON! From Durga Puja pandals to the enchanting Ram leelas, wherever you’re faring, there is deliciousness everywhere to gorge on. With Diwali approaching with all its festivities and sweets, you will need to play safe with some food hacks in place. The season is about …


7 benefits of coconut water you’ll be surprised to hear

Coconut water is a natural drink easily accessible to everyone. Being a quick refreshment which costs just a few bucks, are you aware that this drink promises you more nourishment than you can think of?¬† The drink has a lot to offer when we talk of benefits of coconut water. …

Healthy alternatives to potato chips - Representational Image

These healthy alternatives to potato chips will fix your evening snacks

Potato chips are a wonderful snack. Not only are they appetizing but also crispy enough to make you have a quick bite. However, these quick snacks are not very healthy. How would it feel like if you had healthy alternatives to potato chips without compromising the crunch and fun?   …

representational image: can spicy food help you lose weight

Can spicy food help you lose weight?

Indian cuisine is rich in spicy delicacies filled with masalas and pepper. All our curries and snacks share one thing in common – their spicy taste. You must also be enjoying spicy food, knowing little about how it is related to weight loss. A very common question is, can spicy …

carrot juice - drinks to lose weight

Drinks to lose weight the easy way

Do you think losing weight is not easy? If you have tried many strict dieting plans in the past and eventually gave up without losing much of fat, your answer is definitely going to be a YES. But, here is the pleasant surprise, the answer is NO! It’s actually easy. …


Fight infection with food naturally: Here’s how?

Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Your body is busy fighting bacteria, germs and infections all of the time. What you eat also makes a difference. It could be a skin infection, common flu or an upset stomach worrying you, rushing to doctor is …

eating healthy at work

Eating Healthy at Work: Keep yourself active & energetic

If you are on a 9 to 5 desk job, you must be knowing how tough it is to stay active throughout the day. Lying down on a chair for hours while you are burdened with work isn’t easy too. You naturally walk less during this tight schedule and end …