striking uses of salt

Striking uses of salt you would’ve never imagined!

Common salt, or the sodium chloride as scientists put it, is the prime component of almost each one of our dishes. While everyone is familiar with the wonder it does to our taste buds, uses of salt are way broad than merely seasoning the dish on the table. Have a …

jaggery vs sugar / gur

Jaggery vs Sugar: What’s in for you?

Talk about sweeteners and crystal like sugar strikes your mind. While it is common for us to use refined sugar in our everyday life, there is yet another kind of sweetener – jaggery. Jaggery or better known as Gur in Hindi, is something your parents and grandparents will mostly prefer …

sendha namak or rock salt

Navratri Special: Not just fasting, Sendha Namak deserves a shot daily

At times when you go fasting, you have to steer clear of many many essential items in your diet. Especially during the Navratri season when fasting for Goddess Durga, something as common as the common salt is prohibited. That’s where the popular rock salt or Sendha Namak (as we call …


Is tomato fruit or vegetable? : The big debate

Tomato is an edible fruit of the┬ánightshade family. It is also a commonly known vegetable used as an ingredient or a salad with the meals. So, it is similar to both the fruits as well as vegetables in one way or the other. But what exactly it is? Is tomato …

Quinoa seeds - What is Quinoa: Everything you need to know about the superfood

What is Quinoa: Everything you need to know about the superfood

What is Quinoa? What is it good for? Why is it so popular? This is a question people often ask. Here, I’m sharing all surprising and interesting things you need to know about Quinoa. Believe me, if you had known them before you would fall in love with Quinoa. Know …


Surprise: Know these 7 types of drinking water

Water is one of the few friends who continue with us throughout our lifetime. You have been drinking water everyday but how much do you know about it? Do you know of the 7 types of drinking water to quench your thirst? I’m not going to talk about the water …

is eating excess dry fruits good?

Eating excess dry fruits: Is it good or bad?

A dry fruit is fruit which has all its water content removed. This also makes it a nutritional powerhouse. From nutritionists to home remedies, everyone recommends them alike for a healthy diet. But a question which usually goes unanswered is – how many to eat? Should you be eating excess …

reduce food wastage

How to reduce food wastage?

Food wastage is a major concern around the world. While millions of people around the globe are still struggling to feed their bellies, food wastage is on a rise. According to a UN report, more than one-third of the food production amounting to 1.3 billion tonnes is wasted every year. …


Lemon uses to make Life easier

We all know lemons for their sour taste. While this little fruit adds plenty of flavors to our recipes, it is also good at garnishing the dish on your palate. But, kitchen is not the only place you’ll find lemon useful. Do you know of more lemon uses which can …