The new Ruby Pink Chocolate
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New Ruby Pink Chocolate has just been invented in 80 years

We owe a number of things to science and it’s time to thank it again. This time, for a new source of indulgence – the pink chocolate! Named Ruby after its red hue, the pink chocolate is fourth in the elite’s club of chocolates. It’s been over 80 long years …

milk capsules
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Milk capsules are a reality! Coming to the market soon

Many people don’t like drinking milk while others cannot digest it. Few others face trouble of spilling milk while getting a cuppa of tea or coffee ready. If you too find handling milk as a challenge, it’s time to be happy and relieved. Because milk capsules are no more a …

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Burger King’s milestone outlet, 100th in India opens in Jalandhar

Burger King, the world’s second largest burger chain bags another accomplishment to boast of. The chain now has 100 outlets across the country. Burger King’s expansion Burger King’s milestone outlet has opened up at the GT road in Jalandhar, Punjab. This flagship outlet is now India’s largest and lies close …

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McDonald’s India infighting closing down 169 outlets in North & East India

Do you remember shut down of 43 out of 55 McDonald’s Delhi outlets only about two months ago? Now, McDonald’s India infighting has brought the company to a complete shutdown in North and East India. For all of you completely unaware of the matter, there is an ongoing corporate battle …

say goodbye to fast food around delhi schools
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Say Goodbye to junk food around Delhi schools

Schools are one of the favorite places of street hawkers and students are their soft targets for junk food. You must have seen a lineup of junk food sellers near schools especially during the afternoon. This scenario may change in the coming days since CIC has asked Delhi govt to …

ice cream that doesn't melt
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Coming soon: An ice cream that doesn’t melt

Everybody loves eating ice creams chilled, be it scoops or cone. But the sweet delight quickly starts melting as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator. It waits for none, unless one is quick enough to finish it whole. Don’t you feel getting some extra moments of indulgence …

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Caffeine improves breathing in premature infants

Many people rely on a cup of coffee as much as a morning ritual. While experts and nutritionists are still debating if consuming caffeine is good or bad, a recent research has surprising results. A small dose of caffeine improves breathing in premature infants, says the research. What does the …

Liquid nitrogen in drinks banned in Haryana
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Liquid Nitrogen in drinks & food banned in Haryana: Here’s why?

Use of liquid nitrogen in food items and drinks has sparked a new debate in the country. Only a few days ago, we learnt about the horrific incident of a Delhi businessman getting hospitalized. In the fresh turn of events, Haryana government has banned liquid nitrogen in drinks and food …

Jalebi wrapped in newspaper -representative image for never wrap food in newspaper
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Attention Foodies! Never Wrap Food in Newspaper

Everyday we come across a number of street vendors using newspapers for packing food items. You must have also noticed many people carrying their lunch wrapped within used newspapers. We usually do not react to this considering this a normal use. However, the other side of the story is that …