Our Vision

Food Flash is a platform in the cyber space virtually for everyone who loves food. If you are a foodie, you are one among us - a part of our community. We see Food Flash as an online food journal where everyone has a reason to contribute, to celebrate and share the love of food.

Our Story

Every idea has a beginning, Food Flash had one too. We started exploring the streets and food hubs of Delhi during our early college days. We had sweet experiences at some places and bitter at few others. Soon we realized that sharing our experiences of different places to eat can help others plan better and save their time. This is where the idea of Food Flash was born. It grew to blogging and restaurant reviews a little later and finally to a stage of complete dedication to food. Since we ourselves are vegetarians, we continue to cover only vegetarian items on this website.

Reach us

We welcome all queries, suggestions and invites. Have anything to say? Contact us now.