10 must try versions of Indian Samosa

Aloo Samosa

Samosa is much more than a typical street food. Many people regard it as a part of the culture today and it holds a prominent place when it comes to food. Not only in India, samosas are popular in the entire Indian subcontinent and many parts of Asia and Africa. Here we present you the best to try i.e. the “10 must try versions of Indian Samosa.”

The snack varies in its size, consistency and filling across places, but holds its unique triangular or tetrahedral shape in all manifestations. Known for its crisp and spicy fillings, the dish is also popularly known by the names singhara and sambusa.

Unlike many other dishes, a samosa can be consumed as breakfast, a snack or even an appetizer. Local variations give it a distinct presence. Experimenting with the dish is nothing new and we have a whole lot of ways to eat a samosa.

A cup of tea with samosa serves well, the mint chutney is mostly preferred for snacking. An aloo subzi (potato curry) or Chole (chickpeas) are trendy ones among those who want their meal to be extra spicy.

Like all other stuff on the Earth, samosas have gone through innovations, success & failures. Check out our list of 10 must try versions of Indian samosa everyone should to taste at least once. A second try may be involuntary!

1. Aloo Samosa

Before you try something else, this one says “Stay connected to the roots”. Simple and basic, yet it is the most popular one. Call for a samosa and the Aloo samosa turns up. You can find it even at places where other flavors do not exist. The shell is filled with mixture of mashed potatoes, green peas and spices. A mint or tomato sauce/chutney helps you feel the spices better.

Aloo Samosa - One of 10 must try versions of Indian Samosa
Aloo Samosa

2. Daal Samosa

Daal Samosa is filled with Moong daal and the spices which make it savory. You may think of it as a healthier version (which also bring less guilt for your diet) for the nutritional content of the pulses used. This is recommended next to Aloo version for an authentic feel of Indian cuisine.

Daal Samosa
Daak Samosa

3. Paneer Samosa

The paneer samosa stems out of the clever thought of making a dish feel premium by adding paneer to it, though the filling is usually never entirely paneer. Two most common forms are few slices of paneer within a potato filling or crushed paneer mixed with potato and spices. The second form is generously delicious, the mixture is more appealing than the plain aloo samosa.

4. Samosa Chole

Samosa chole is not about a variety in filling, but the difference lies in the way it is consumed. You may choose to eat any version of samosa with chole, we list it separately because the spicy flavors and taste vary greatly than to a mint chutney. 10 must try versions of Indian Samosa will be incomplete without Samose Chole.

Samosa Chole - One of 10 must try versions of Indian Samosa
Samosa Chole

5. Chocolate Samosa

Each one of us has a kid within who loves chocolates more than anything else. Thankfully, samosas also come in a chocolate flavor as well. The cold dark chocolate melting within the hot shell will make you addicted to it. Dry fruits within the brownie delight creates an awesome sweet treat.

Chocolate Samosa - One of the 10 must try versions of Indian Samosa
Chocolate Samosa

6. Pizza Samosa

Pizza lovers seem to have invented this form of samosa. Though the folks call it a pizza samosa, one can’t put toppings on a tetrahedral samosa like a pizza. Thus, all you will find within is cheese, few veggies claimed to be toppings and cheese again. This tastes much the same as pizza. A good alternative to try if you love pizza, just in the name of samosa but not the other way round.

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7. Chowmein Samosa

Chowmein Samosa is one for all Chinese food lovers. This one opens the scope to create different variants with different chowmein/noodles you love. Smooth and crispy throughout, this variant is best eaten with an accompanying mint chutney. There is no better mix of two cuisines than this satisfying samosa. No wonders, this is why it falls under our list of 10 must try versions of Indian Samosa.

Chowmein Samosa
Chowmein Samosa

8. Macaroni Samosa

The samosa that claims to be the direct heir of pasta and macaroni. The samosa shell packs the same ready to eat taste and fusions of macaroni. If you love either of the two, you will find this one rich and desirable. Don’t just skip over the moments while you have this, make them luxurious!

9. Samosa burger

Adding a western tweak to the traditional samosa is easy. Take a burger bun, add little cheese and sauces and place the samosa within. Call it a samburger or a samosa burger, this simple recipe goes a long way further. The fluffy bread and crispy hot samosa also yields a great crunchy taste you’d want to try.

Samosa Burger or Samburger
Samosa Burger

10. Chaap Samosa

The chaap that got popular with rolls and snacks has made its way to samosas too! Soya chaap, Tandoori chaap and more variants make it a good one to put this samosa on our list. Try the crisp and taste of the two combined for some soothing moments and you will probably appreciate the friendliness of samosa with every filling.

How many samosas have you tried from 10 must try versions of Indian Samosa? Give them a try and share your preferences. Do you know another variety of samosa not listed here? We will be happy to hear and add to the list.

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